Support System

Promotions Management

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  • Recruitment, training, development and supervision of the fieldforce.
  • Developing and implementation of marketing entry strategy.
  • Marketing planning system, a data-based, computer-assisted system which allows for systematic planning, monitoring and control.
  • Territorial management system, a data-based, computer-assisted system which ensures efficient management of territories, through rational allocation and deployment of scarce promotional resources ensuring systematic feedback and control.

Product Registration

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  • Through regular networking and liaison, facilitate the process and flow of product registration.
  • Provides technical assistance and professional advise to evaluate the feasibility in product registration.
  • Supervise the development and implementation of bioavailability studies.
  • Provides technical assistance in the development of protocols and conduct of CDSP studies and local clinical trials.
  • Regular updates on developments in the regulatory environment.

Product Management

  •  Assessment of market opportunities.
  • Determining a product’s market positioning and designing the appropriate entry strategy.
  • Planning and implementation of existing product plans and programs.
  • New products planning program and development.

Training and Development

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● Recruitment selection and hiring.

● Medical background and product knowledge.

● Programs for personal communication skills.

● Program for successful selling skills.

● Programs for coaching and counselling for supervisors.

● District Managers development programs.

● Regular product knowledge reinforcement training sessions.

Market Research

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● Five-year database on trends of major therapeutic segments.

● Market evaluation studies.

● Pricing surveys.

● Competitive monitoring

● New products launch monitoring

● Product movement monitoring.

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