antibiotic resistance

3 Things You Should Know About Antibiotic Resistance

In recent years, more and more bacteria have been developing resistance against antibiotics. This phenomenon has become so worrisome that it has been cited as a global health concern. Indeed, much of the success of modern medicine depends on how well our bodies combat infections. If our weapons against infections stop working, we could be exposing ourselves to needlessly alarming diseases.

UTI facts and figures

Some Overlooked Facts About UTI That You Need to Know

Check out these overlooked but interesting facts about UTI that would help you manage your symptoms more effectively.

How much do you really know about urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common across the world, and if you’re a woman, there’s a significant chance that you may experience this illness at least once in your lifetime.

single dose antibiotic for UTI

What You Need to Know About Single-dose Antibiotics for UTI

Dealing with recurrent UTIs? A single-dose antibiotic for UTI may be all that you need. Read this to know more about this treatment option.

Sometimes, a urinary tract infection (UTI) goes away on its own, particularly if it is an uncomplicated case. You may chase it away with water or cranberry juice and wait for it to get better within a few days.

facts vs myths about UTI

Debunking 6 Misconceptions and Myths About UTI

To effectively manage and treat a urinary tract infection, you need to stop believing these myths about UTI.

Dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI) is not easy, especially for women who are prone to recurrent infections.

It pays to be informed about this condition so that you will know how to avoid and manage it effectively.

various women who need Useful Diet Tips to Fight UTI

Fight UTI with These Useful Diet Tips

This article discusses useful diet tips to fight UTI.

The scariest part of dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI) is that it can last for months, maybe even years, if not properly managed. Women are particularly vulnerable to this infection, with many of them experiencing recurrent UTIs.

Some factors that predispose them to UTI are:

  • Their anatomic structure.
complications of urinary tract infection and pills

How Should You Deal with Symptom-free UTIs?

Have you checked your urine lately? Usually urine is sterile, free of harmful bacteria. But once bacteria are detected to be growing in the urine, it is often a conclusive sign of a bladder infection (or cystitis) or kidney problems (pyelonephritis).

Such infections usually produce a horde of symptoms such as pain when urinating,

signs and symptoms of UTI

How Should Women Manage a Case of Uncomplicated UTI?

First things first: What is an acute, uncomplicated UTI?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, an uncomplicated UTI occurs when an infectious organism (such as bacteria) invades an otherwise structurally and functionally healthy urinary tract. This is a highly common diagnosis among women, affecting millions of them yearly. To illustrate this fact,

UTI and Diabetes

UTI and Diabetes: 4 Important Facts You Should Know

Diabetes is a complicated illness. And if you’re not careful enough, it can even lead to severe cases of UTI and cause other urinary-related complications.

A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria grow anywhere within the urinary tract—from the kidneys, ureters, the bladder, and the urethra.

Most people quickly dismiss UTI as a common infection that can easily be treated.