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Top Exercises for Healthier Bones

The International Osteoporosis Foundation recognizes that exercise plays an important role in building and maintaining bone strength.

“Exercise stimulates bone formation, because bone put under moderate stress responds by building density, and, depending on your age and workout regimen, it can either increase or maintain bone-mass density,” says Steven Hawkins, PhD, professor of exercise science at California Lutheran University.

top exercises for healthier bones

Here are three weight-bearing exercises are attainable even for those with a busy lifestyle. You don’t need a gym membership for these, only the right dedication and motivation to love and care for your body.

Please ask your doctor before performing any of these physical activities especially if you are at risk of osteoporosis.

3 Simple Exercises for Healthier Bones

1. Brisk Walking – A study of nurses found that walking four hours a week gave them a 41% lower risk of hip fractures, compared to walking less than an hour a week. Brisk walking is something that mostly anyone can do at any time of day. Choose the speed you’re comfortable with. Walking is not just good for your bones but also for improving your mood throughout the day.

2. Resistance Band ExercisesResearch demonstrates that elastic resistance training provides as much benefit in strength gains as the use of more expensive and bulky weight-training equipment. Elastic or resistance bands are more affordable than dumbbells and can be used at home or bring with you when travelling.

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3. Yoga – Did you know that aside from its stress relieving benefits, yoga can also be good for your bones? Research shows that yoga can prevent, slow, or even reverse the process of bone loss. If you think you need to take up an entire yoga class to reap the bone health benefits of yoga and feel that you do not have enough time for it, the good news is practicing yoga postures for just 12 minutes a day could already improve bone quality. So, take some 12 minutes or more and get ready to build healthy bones with a yoga mat.

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Regular exercise is a key component to maintaining your overall health but should be paired by proper nutrition. For healthy bones, this means getting the right amount of calcium in your diet. Remember, bone loss and osteoporosis are not only a risk for older adults. In fact, a person can lose bone mass as early as 20-30 due to the aging process.

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Also ask your doctor about calcium supplements that can support your bone health by meeting the required amount of calcium that your body needs. Calcium supplements like Calvin Plus can fill the gap between how much calcium you get from your food and how much calcium you need per day.

Are you ready to build and maintain healthy bones? Increase your calcium intake and start one of these simple exercises today!

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