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4 Clear Signs You Need a Doctor’s Help for Your UTI

Don’t ignore your UTI symptoms! Here are some clear signs that you need immediate medical help for your infection.

If you’ve never had a urinary tract infection before, you should consider yourself lucky, as it’s one of the most troublesome illness you may encounter. According to WebMD, one in two women will have a UTI in her lifetime1,

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How Should You Deal with Symptom-free UTIs?

Have you checked your urine lately? Usually urine is sterile, free of harmful bacteria. But once bacteria are detected to be growing in the urine, it is often a conclusive sign of a bladder infection (or cystitis) or kidney problems (pyelonephritis).

Such infections usually produce a horde of symptoms such as pain when urinating,

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How to Tell If You’re Suffering from Upper or Lower UTI

UTI can come in many forms. Guard yourself against its different manifestations by knowing the differences between upper and lower UTI (urinary tract infections).

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infections wehumans experience, ranking after respiratory and gastro-intestinal complications. It’s a great relief that in most cases, it can be quickly diagnosed upon clinical examination.


Are Men Really Safer from UTI than Women?

This article explains why urinary tract infections in men, although quite rare, can be truly troubling.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) affects both women and men of all ages, although it’s far more prevalent among the former. The reason behind this lies in the anatomical differences between the two sexes. In men, the distance between the anus and the urethral opening is much longer compared with that in women.

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6 Sneaky Symptoms of UTI You Often Ignore (But Shouldn’t)

The symptoms of UTI aren’t limited to frequent urination and pain when urinating. It could also lead to these sneaky and somewhat unusual conditions.

Because urinary tract infection (UTI) is such a common illness affecting millions of people worldwide, you’ve probably already heard about its troublesome symptoms. Or maybe you yourself have gone through these horror stories!